Raising awareness about discrimination and abuse of power in german music industry

#musicmetoo Germany is a platform for anonymously sharing your experiences with various forms of discrimination and harassment in the music industry. We will also provide basic information regarding these topics and how to support survivors.

Trigger Warning

This website contains mentions of sexualized violence, abuse of power, psychological violence, sex, systemic violence, failure of authorities, victim-blaming, stalking, as well as racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, and other forms of discrimination.

Please take care of yourself and your emotional needs!

If at any time you experience negative feelings or feel overwhelmed, we encourage you to take care of yourself and consider reaching out to friends, family, or a support organization. It is perfectly fine to pause if you do not feel well. Remember that you can always come back to it later.  Your mental and emotional health is a priority.

Please remember: you are not alone!

Together against the abuse of power in music

Are you affected by violence and abuse of power in the German music industry?
You can share your experiences anonymously with us using this form. You can also write us an email or send us a message via Instagram if you feel more comfortable doing so.

In addition to sexualized violence and sexism, this also includes racist violence, transphobia, ableism, violence because of sexual orientation, origin, or religion, and all other forms of discrimination and transgression of boundaries.

Furthermore we call on all responsible stakeholders to develop and implement individual awareness concepts. 

In addition, we provide information for survivors, their relatives and friends, as well as authorities.

What you can do

As a survivor

share your #metoo story by clicking here

As a stakeholder or artist in the music industry

write your statement by clicking here

Links for supporters and allies

find organizations and support us with your time or money by clicking here