what we ask
you to do

It’s time to actively work on changes; we have compiled possible measures here.  We would also like to hear your ideas; please let us know what else should be done.

call to the
music industry

  • Inclusion & Diversity Rider in Contracts

    … should be demanded and inserted by artists to create visibility in everyday life and to establish safer spaces.

  • Code of Conduct

    … should be in all contracts of a project and be a binding basis for collaboration so that there is a procedure in case of allegations or proven misconduct. The Code of Conduct should be created through a collaborative process.

  • Intersectionality is the only way forward

    … because cis-feminism excludes BIPoC, trans*, and disabled people’s experiences, and they experience more sexual violence and discrimination than others. Therefore, they need special support.

  • Regular training on awareness & anti-discrimination

    … within organizations, as continuous awareness-raising can bring about change.

  • Safer Space and Awareness work must be paid for

    … because the acquisition of knowledge and the time needed to care for traumatized people cannot be provided by volunteers.