Making discrimination and violence in the German music industry visible

Security is not the absence of danger. But the presence of connection.” (Gabor Maté)

#musicmetoo Germany wants to make abuse of power and violence in the German music industry visible to its full extent. Foremost, we wish to give those affected a space to speak publicly about their experiences and to show that these are not individual cases but structural problems.

These include:

  • sexualized violence 
  • racism
  • trans*hostility
  • ableism
  • Violence based on sexual orientation, origin, or religion 
  • all other forms of discrimination and transgression of boundaries

There are many reasons why victims do not talk about what they have experienced or report it. They are often not taken seriously, but instead intimidated (sometimes by lawyers, but also by fans). Authorities also have their share in this.

Often, the crucial first step for those affected is to speak about what happened and to hear solidarity from others. Here, you can anonymously share what you have experienced. And you can do so without having to expose yourself to the public or fear prosecution for alleged damage to someone’s reputation.